The AEV group, now a member of Isovolta AG, is a leading international manufacturer of electrical insulating resins, varnishes and compounds used in the production of electrical and electronic components around the world.

Performance Driven Research

We are thrilled to offer our best performance to your electrical equipment, allowing you to exceed the limits. Our products have the trust of some of the world famous brands, be the next one!

Technical Partnership

At AEV we know every customer has an idea and we support them with the closest cooperation customising our products, providing expertise and technical support.

0 VOC Epoxy Resins

AEV developed a very specific competence in the Epoxy chemistry. The well-known outstanding mechanical and electrical properties, together with the possibilities of our R&D to create ad-hoc formulations, and our 0 VOC strategy, are the key for the future projects in the industrial, transportation and automotive industry.


Potting Compounds

To achieve the best performances with respect to high thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, chemical protection and electrical performances, potting compounds developments are including nano technologies and the newest findings. Come and discover your solution.



The breakthrough system for epoxy impregnation. Low temperature curing, very low takt time, energy saving and fully customizable resin retention on your best electrical creation. EPOSPIN is an impregnation system based on our latest resin development.


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