A successful relationship management thrives on appreciation, flexibility and responsiveness. Thus, many AEV and ISOVOLTA product innovations are based on individual customer requirements.

As a chemical company, AEV is specialized in tailoring products depending on the customer needs with regards to product and process features. The wide knowledge gained over twenty years of production of epoxy resins, gives us the possibility to fully customize products in a short time giving the widest quality guarantees.

Our R&D is committed in following the latest trends of innovation, including the continuous research to decrease the environmental impact of our products and the latest developments in the field of thermal resistance, nano technologies, heat dissipation, chemical resistance and process improvement.

Now part of ISOVOLTA group, AEV is also part of the group of laboratories specialized in electrical testing. At the Test & Training facilities in Werndorf, Austria and Changzhou, China we have been specializing in testing high and low voltage applications. Over the last decades ISOVOLTA invested in

state-of-the-art equipment and expanded its laboratories constantly. Electrical insulation materials (EIM) and electrical insulation systems (EIS) are fully tested according to international standards as well as according to particular customer specifications.

Besides testing, analyzing, evaluating and benchmarking materials and systems, our test facilities offer tailor-made technical trainings for customers and employees We closely cooperate with the R&D, production and quality assurance department to support and exchange know-how.

The test ITTC centers comprises an area of approximately 700 ㎡ and is equipped with modern laboratories and state-of-the-art measuring instruments:

  • Laboratory VPI plant
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Automatic and semi-automatic taping machines
  • High voltage test cells for up to 150 kV AC and 60 kV DC
  • Voltage endurance test cells for up to 50 kV AC
  • Equipment to conduct multi-stress tests (TEAM)
  • Analytic devices
  • Machining facilities

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