ESG strategy in ISOVOLTA group: with foresight we create something purposeful and generate profit by acting in an ecological and socially responsible way.


Climate protection: We increase the efficiency of our processes and faster utilization of renewable energy. In addition we strive to develop and deploy CO2 neutral production procedures.

Materials: With production and process innovation we will increase the usage of sustainable and regionally sourced renewable raw materials wherever it is possible.
Circular economy: We optimize our circular production systems by increasing the recycling rate in our products and the material efficiency within the value chain.
Water: Professional water management is a central element of our strategy. It is our goal to protect water as a resource and to continue reducing water consumption.
Emissions: It is our goal to steadily reduce emissions. We will achieve this by continuous improvement of our processes and technologies.


Occupational Safety & Health: We aim for a safe working environment. The health of our employees is of great importance to us.
Attractive workplace: Together with our employees, we create an attractive working environment and support the personal development of the people in our company.
Responsible collaboration: We take our responsibility as an employer seriously and value fair cooperation.


Compliance: We adhere to compliance and anticorruption standards, promote integrity and actively manage our risks.
Cyber security: We protect our own data and systems as well as those of our stakeholders by applying cyber security measures.
Stakeholder engagement: With our equitable customer and supplier relations as well as our corporate citizenship we contribute to a sustainable development of societies.